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Integración de Skype 6.1 con Outlook

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Introducing Skype 6.1 for Windows, now with Outlook integration and a visual update to the toolbar. This is an exciting update because the time spent on email by many people is still significant. And if you’re like many of us who work at Skype, we spend lots of time toggling between our email and Skype desktop clients. Now it’s really convenient to send a Skype instant message, start a free Skype to Skype call, or make a call to any mobile or landline – all within Outlook.
Here are more details:
It’s easy to get in touch. We have integrated Skype and Outlook to display contacts’ online status, contact information and mood message within the Outlook contact card.

Skype Contact Information within Outlook
Profile for contact in Skype – same contact information and status


Call any phone. When you want to call someone on their mobile or landline from Outlook, Skype will initiate the call for you. You can call anyone as long as you have their contact information in Outlook, but you don’t need to be friends on Skype. You can use your existing Skype credit or subscription to reach them.



Stay in touch with your Skype contacts. When you want to contact anyone in your Outlook contact list who is already on Skype, you can instant message, audio or video call them. To do so they need to be in your Skype contacts list to reach them.

IM: Initiating IM from Outlook
Skype opens to initiate or resume a conversation


This feature works with Outlook 2010 or higher and enables you to connect over Skype when email details match.
Besides the Skype integration with Outlook, here’s some additional improvements in Skype 6.1 for Windows that you might want to know about.
Add a new contact. We have made adding a contact easier than ever. You can now add someone by searching for them directly out of your contacts list. If they’re not in your contact list yet, results will come up so you can add them in 2 clicks.
Search initiated in contact list. You can add a new person directly from the list of available results if they’re not yet in your contact list



New profile with more accessible account information. Finally, we have updated the account information area to make it easier to navigate around your account data.

Selecting your profile information now includes account information and options to manage your options.


Click here to download the new version now. Please let us know your feedback on the Skype Support Network, or if you notice an issue or bug, please write about it on our public issue tracker.
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