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Skype for Business Updates from Office 365 Summit (Mexico) by Matt Landis

Aquí os dejo un artículo de Matt Landis ( sobre las novedades de Skype For Business que llegan desde el Summit de Office 365 en México:

NOTE: This post will be updated as we go.
We will report on new items that we notice in this blog post as they become available.
What’s New in Skype for Business Server?
  • New Desktop Client Experience (details
  • In-Place Upgrade
  • SQL Always On support
  • New Meeting Features
    • “…major features coming to Skype for Business meetings …”
  • Video Interop Server investments
  • Management of Server Pools Streamlined
  • Simplified Patching Process
  • Server Core Updates to Improve Reliability
  • New Voice Features
    • (Several unmentioned features)
    • Call via Work
  • Skype4B to Skype Federation Improvements (Phase2)
    • Skype username search
Screenshots Out of Office 365 Summit
Some screen shots of the first public presentation on Skype for Business from Office 365 Summit (Mexico)
Multiparty video
IM window with some new elements not on previously released screenshots
Contact search via @alexloam
The Office 365 Summit sessions will be available later here:
Skype for Business Readiness Series (future)
Seguiremos atentos a nuevas noticias sobre Skype For Business

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