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Lync Conference in San Diego (Feb 2013)

Ya vamos teniendo más información sobre la federación de Skype con Lync,  por lo que parece debéis ir revisando vuestras cuentas de Skype …


Lync Conference in San Diego (Feb 2013)
•Federation will require an update to the Skype client (to v6.x – release TBD). Current ETA is now by the end of June
•A Skype user will need to have their account associated with a Microsoft Account. Legacy Skype users whose account remains unlinked from a Microsoft ID will not be able to Federate
•If you sign in to Skype (v6.0 or later) with an existing Microsoft Account (i.e., the same creds as your Windows Live Messenger account) your existing buddy lists will auto-populate into Skype. This will include any existing federated Lync contacts
•Skype Federation uses the existing PIC (Public IM Connectivity) structure, so if you already have PIC access, Skype will just work. If you don’t yet have PIC access, visit and fill out the form
•It will be available for Lync Server 2010, Lync Server 2013 & Lync Online
•At release you will be able to send IMs and make audio calls between platforms. Video calling and content sharing won’t be added until an update to Lync currently scheduled for 2Q2014
•The audio codec used for Skype-to-Lync calls will be G.722 (aka WB/wideband). This will ensure a higher fidelity call, but perhaps at the expense of performance on poor networks. Other codecs are expected to be added down the track

Espero que os sea de utilidad!!!


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