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Lync 2013 training slides and labs for developers

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Module 1 walks through using the Lync 2013 Managed API to programmatically start sharing and handle control requests using Application Sharing modality, and how to share and interact with slides, white boards, and files in conversations using Content Sharing modality.

Module 2 walks through using the Unified Communications Managed API 4.0 to write asynchronous UCMA code using the Async task framework, and how to build a simple phone menu workflow.

Module 3 walks through using the Unified Communications Web API to work with familiar capabilities of Lync.

Module 4 walks through working with the Persistent Chat Platform in Lync 2013, including how to create add-ins for chat rooms, and how to programmatically create, manage, and interact with chat rooms.

Module 5 introduces Outlook apps, including how to build an app for Outlook, using the Office Javascript Object Model, and different security considerations for these apps.

Each filename contains a substring “_Mn_”, where “n” identifies the number of the module to which the file belongs.

Compressed lab folders (.zip files) include both a Microsoft Word document and Visual Studio project files.


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