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Auto Respuesta y Control Remoto de Lync

Aqui os dejo la información original para que podáis probar este plugin para Lync:

Elyza”, sister to “Profiles for Lync”, is a client-side app I’ve built using the Lync SDK.
Elyza started life as a means for me to test Federation when I deploy a new Lync, and also as an auto-responder to help me present demos and deliver user-training without needing to annoy some poor colleague back in the office.
Elyza hooks into the running Lync client instance on your PC and responds to incoming IMs. When sent a suitably formatted “/” command, Elyza will change status, add or remove you as a Contact, update her personal note or even tell you the time. (Send “/?” for a list of the available commands).
I was lucky enough to stumble across a java version of ELIZA written by Charles Hayden, and he kindly consented to me re-using and converting it to C# for this application. Charles’ version of the script is a complete and faithful implementation of Weizenbaum’s original, and I’ve used the same here. The script is however resident in a plain text file in the Elyza directory, so you’re free to extend the grammar to move it with the times, or perhaps even translate it into other languages!

Uses / Application

Here are some examples of features you can now demo single-handedly, and the steps to follow::

Tag For Status Change Alerts

  • Open Lync and find the Elyza user
  • Right-click and “Tag For Status Change Alerts”
  • Send /aw to change to Away Status
  • Sent /av to change to Available – you’ll receive a toast pop to show they’ve ‘returned’
  • Click “Untag” on the toast to untag this user

Add Me As A Contact

  • Check that the Elyza user isn’t already in your Lync Contact List. (Right-click and “Remove from Contacts List” if they are)
  • Send /rem to ensure you’re removed from the Elyza user’s Contacts. (This repeats the step above, but from the other end)
  • Send /add to have the Elyza user add you as a Contact
  • You’ll receive a pop-up to advise of this, giving you the option to set a privacy level and to add them in return. (If this doesn’t happen, check you have “Notify me when someone adds me to his or her contact list” enabled in Lync Options / Alerts)

Change Privacy Relationship

  • Open Lync and find the Elyza user. Check to see if any status information is shown under their name. It might be blank or show the name of their Lync location (LIS), their Outlook OOF message, or a Personal Note
  • Send /pn “PN test” to set a Personal Note. Is this visible to you in Lync?
  • Send /fri to change yourself to a Friend. The Personal Note should be visible now (if it wasn’t already)
  • Send /ext to change yourself to an External user. The PN should disappear
  • Send /blo to change yourself to Blocked. All information (including Status & photo should disappear)
  • Experiment with other Privacy Relationships
  • Send /fri to restore visibility

Change Message Subject

  • Send /su “New Subject”. Note that the title bar of the IM changes to show this. (This test is not applicable if you’re sending the IM from OWA or the Mobile client)
  • Send /su “” to reset the Subject. The subject will be replaced by the name of the Elyza user

Remote Control Syntax

I’ve implemented the following remote-control commands:
/avail – Change status to Available
/away – Change status to Away
/brb – Change status to Be Right Back
/busy – Change status to Busy
/dnd – Change status to DND
/inact – Change status to Inactive
/off – Change status to Appear Offline (subject to client policy)
/add – Add me as a Contact
/rem – Remove me as a Contact
/fri – Set our privacy relationship as “friends”
/wor – Set our privacy relationship as “workgroup”
/col – Set our privacy relationship as “colleague”
/ext – Set our privacy relationship as “external”
/blo – Set our privacy relationship as “blocked”
/pn “Text” – Sets the text as the Personal Note
/pn (followed by no text or empty string) – Clears the Personal Note
/su “Text” – Sets the text as the message Subject
/su (followed by no text or empty string) – Clears the message Subject
/ty – Shows the “is typing a message…” message
/ti – Reports the local time
/help – Display this list of available commands
/ver – Display version details
Note that:
  • for the status change commands to all be correctly shown to the far end, the machine running Elyza needs to be in an ‘active’ state. I use a “Mouse Jiggler” for this purpose
  • to “Appear Offline” you need to have that feature enabled in your Client Policy
  • “/add” will only pop a box to you if you’ve selected Tools / Options / Alerts / “Notify me when someone adds me to his or her contact list” – and they’re not already in your contact list!
Como veis el SDK para Lync es potentísimo y nos permite hacer cosas a nuestra medida, aqui os dejo la fuente: Elyza – an auto-responding & remote control bot for Lync
Espero que os sea de utilidad!!!
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