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Actualización del Cliente Microsoft Lync 2013 (KB2889929)

Microsoft ha publicado una nueva actualización para el cliente Lync 2013 en donde nos encontramos algunas novedades interesantes, entre las cuales destacamos la posibilidad de ocultar las imágenes de los usuarios que se mostraban en cada conversación:

Versión 15.0.4649.1000 Versión 15.0.4649.1001
Actualización Cliente Lync 2013 Octubre 2014-5.jpg Actualización Cliente Lync 2013 Octubre 2014-1.jpg
Esta configuración la hacemos directamente desde las opciones del cliente Lync:
Actualización Cliente Lync 2013 Octubre 2014-4.jpg
3001551 – Lync 2013 crashes when it hits “LyncDesktopViewModel.dll”
3001545 – Issues occur when a user selects content in a history conversation window in Lync 2013
2998659 – Update to add recording and gallery view feature in a conversation in Lync 2013 basic
2996298 – Update adds a tab in the “Lync – Options” dialog box to manage instant message window related settings in Lync 2013
2996296 – Application sharing without audio or video is slow in Lync 2013 when bandwidth is low
2996294 – Recorded audio or video content is low-quality or incorrect in Lync 2013
2996293 – Update changes the default layout of a Lync 2013 instant message conversation window to narrow mode
2996292 – Unexpected time stamps appear when you paste messages from a conversation window in Lync 2013
2996290 – Memory leaks during a video call in Lync 2013 when camera’s capture resolution is 720p or higher
2996289 – PSTN call is disconnected in Lync 2013 when you enable the media bypass setting
2996288 – Update enables viewers to automatically rejoin a desktop sharing session in a Lync 2013 conference
2996287 – Emoticons generated or typed text loses color or formatting when you paste text in an IM conversation in Lync 2013
2996286 – Update changes the format of an instant message that is copied from Lync 2013
2996285 – Error “Problem Event Name: APPCRASH, Application Name: lync.exe” when you view desktop sharing in Lync 2013
2996284 – A memory leak occurs when a remote user joins video conference in gallery mode in Lync 2013
2996283 – Audio or video call stops responding or disconnects in Lync 2013
2996281 – Online user can’t sign in to Lync 2013 when another user has logged on to Windows by using a federated domain account
2996280 – Update enables Lync 2013 to collect telemetry data during a meeting or for a meeting join attempt
2996279 – Lync 2013 crashes or stops responding when it starts an application or accesses video-related features
2996278 – Error “Event Type: BEX” “Bucket Id: 81661691731” for Lync 2013 occurs
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